Release trauma and gain emotional and mental resiliance to move forward


Are you experiencing pain and suffering, often after exhausting traditional and therapeutic options? Are you looking for an alternative approach that addresses the whole person, not just external symptoms?

By exploring and addressing these underlying belief systems and emotional imbalances, I can support the body’s natural healing process. My holistic approach helps individuals uncover and release stuck emotions, facilitating a deeper level of healing. I assist in awakening awareness, even in areas you may not be consciously aware of, which can manifest as emotional triggers.

Through in person and virtual 1-1 sessions, you will deal with old wounds that cause distress in your life and get the mindset and emotional maturity to move forward. You will explore the relationship with yourself, your emotions and connection to your own body, with the aim of building better connections with partners, friends and community.

SSTR® – Somatic Shamanic Trauma Release

SSTR is a hybrid healing treatment that combines Shamanic energy Healing practices with Reiki, Breathwork, Tremor activation, Sound and cranial sacral rhythm regulation. 90 minute in person sessions.

Somatic attachment therapy - Masculine & feminine

A somatic practice through the lens of Somatic Attachment Therapy and the tantric non-dual philosophy of Shiva and Shakti unification for healing.
50 minute virtual sessions.

Somatic Inner Relationship Integration, Repair & Healing

It supports the integration of fractured parts/energy that cause symptoms such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, neurosis, rage, fear, and self neglect or harm. We foster a humanistic holistic approach that welcomes all parts.

True Freedom comes when the mind and body are realised as one, dancing as a unique expression of unified Consciousness

Ready to book your first session?

Ready to book your first session?