YogA practices & Somatic and Shamanic therapies to thrive on your journey of transformation



Your space for healing and awakening

Yogic Practices & Somatic and Shamanic Therapies to thrive on your Journey of Transformation

Through the practices of Yoga, shamanic teachings and the modern techniques of somatic therapy, I will guide you on a journey of self-discovery where you will experience profound change on your path to empowered freedom.

My approach revolves around the concept of the Phoenix – a symbol of transformation and resilience embodying the essence of my mission – and the Sanskrit word Akasha meaning “Primary Substance”, a reminder of the interconnected nature of this world, of the main same source of energy and potential.

True contentment comes when we are comfortable in our own skin. I am here to guide others with compassion and understanding.

My Offerings

My offerings for healing and awakening

Infused with deep love and interest for the human experience, my offerings are a unique blend of compassion, knowledge, and intuition. I have embarked on a personal journey of overcoming inner struggles, from feeling powerless as a child to developing anxiety and unconscious strategies to cope. Through extensive inner work with both psychologists and spiritual practices, I have unraveled the root causes of my doubts, insecurities, and challenges in building healthy relationships.

Yoga trainings & immersives

Experience the essence of yoga beyond just postures – it’s about connection, relationships, and accessing the energy body through physical, energetic, and meditative practices.

Somatic shamanic therapy

Are you experiencing pain and suffering? Are you looking for an alternative approach that addresses the whole person, not just external symptoms?


What they say about me

“Janine works with quiet but expert focus on both the somatic bottom up and the cognitive top-down dimension of being, listening deeply, encouraging softly and allowing for all the emotions and sensations to be cared for, felt, and acknowledged. Through her presence and way of being and relating to me, she expresses in the most natural and effortless way what could yet be an enormous mountain of experience and training.”

NAWANG – Buddhist nun

“Thank you again for this deep sacred healing, it’s been truly transformative. The deepest healing that has reached And healed places that talk therapy and numerous other modalities never have. What a blessing to be in your sphere. Thank you for the years of work you’ve done to clear and heal yourself to be a vessel, a conduit for this healing of other. may many others be called into your sphere to find healing.”


“Working with Janine has been an absolute privilege. I had wanted to have a more embodied approach to therapy, as I’d experienced trauma and wanted to learn more about how to become more whole through my body. Oh my. Janine was able to connect me with my body on such a deeper level, and made me feel perfectly safe and held. I couldn’t recommend her sessions enough!”


Ready to get your journey started?
Get a FREE 20-minute 1-to-1 session

Ready to get your journey started?

Get a FREE 20-minute 1-to-1 session