Who  I am & what I can offer

My Journey, Your Journey.


Together, we free energetic blocks, anxieties and fears, and embrace a life of conscious awareness and growth. We commit to a journey where individuals, relationships and humanity are devoted to greater empowered freedom.

I’ve been on an intentional and spiritual path for over 25 years, one that has guided me back to my humanness, body and earth.

Drawing from my knowledge and experience, including over 15.000 hours of yoga training, shamanism, tantric ritual and ceremony, plant medicine, and more, I have become a creatrix of the source. My own path has led me to find success in embracing who I truly am, beyond society’s expectations. Now, I walk beside others with vulnerability and share my experiences to support them on their own transformative journeys. I believe that true success/contentment comes when we are comfortable in our own skin, and I am here to guide others with compassion and understanding.

Infused with deep love and interest for the human experience, my offerings are a unique blend of embodiment, shamanic practices and tantric yoga. I have embarked on a personal journey of overcoming inner struggles, from feeling powerless as a child to developing anxiety and unconscious strategies to cope. Through extensive inner work with both psychologists and spiritual practices, I have unravelled the root causes of doubts, insecurities, and challenges in building healthy relationships within and around one self.

BSc Hons Sport Science

Ongoing studies in Somatic Psychology

Certifications in Somatic and Shamanic practices

Founder of HYA Yoga Australia & Sacred Alchemy UK

+ 15K hours in Hatha, Tantra and Yin Yoga Training

+ 25 Years on an Intentional and Spiritual Path

Whether you are experiencing a breakdown in relationships, struggling with health issues, or seeking a shift in your emotional pattern, I can support awareness and repatterning for those individuals who are ready for healing and transformation.

Comprehensive knowledge

I’ve explored various and diverse approaches and methodologies, acknowledging overlaps and recognizing the one source.

Intuitive embodied wisdom

My approach is rooted in intuition and the importance of developing the body’s wisdom over relying solely on the book knowledge

Functional approach

I focus on functional movement and prioritize what works best for the individual’s body rather than adhering to fixed directions or expectations.

Accessible teachings

I make my teachings accessible and encourage individuals to tune into themselves and embrace their own inner guidance.

Ready to get your journey started?

Get a FREE 20-minute 1-to-1 session

Ready to get your journey started?
Get a FREE 20-minute 1-to-1 session